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The applications we build are FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING the facilities industry.



Reliable SaaS based applications suited for the facility world and engineered from years of real-world expertise.
The products and solutions we build are changing the way industry leaders perform their core business.
Equipment Performance Measurement
A simple yet elegant way to assess the performance and remaining useful life (RUL) of your equipment.
Equip ID
Giving mechanical equipment and physical spaces a voice!
An easy to use workforce compliance tool for time tracking and attendance, managing company and health related forms, and reskilling employees while on the job.
Run your jobs through an iOS mobile device. Fill out inspection checklists, view live measurements, gather in-depth diagnostics, email the report right from your device, and best of all, all job data is saved in the cloud for storage and remote access.



RAEL Automatic Sprinkler Company, an 85-year-old full-service fire protection provider serving the Tri-State area, sought to streamline and track inspection and maintenance of the extensive industrial sprinkler system they built for one of New York’s most well known skyscrapers. Program goals included digitizing inspection records to improve visibility, automating maintenance schedules and providing proof of compliance with federal and local fire and safety regulations.

The company’s existing inspection process, which employed laptop-equipped inspectors, was partially digitized. However, it was time-consuming and needed to confirm that an inspector or service technician was physically at the site when he claimed to be and reported or addressed all needed sprinkler repairs. Proof of presence was critical as property managers are now expected to deliver a much higher level of compliance reporting.

Automated Decision partnered with HID Global to deliver a comprehensive solution that met all of RAEL’s goals. It consists of HID Trusted Tag® Services, which includes a cloud-based authentication service and Trusted Near Field Communication (NFC) Seal eTamper tags, that are integrated tightly with Automated Decision CMMS and a mobile inspection app.

Each of the more than one thousand coin-shaped tags has a printed QR-code and logo, and the tags can be affixed to metal objects such as alarm and control valves. This physical tamper-evident functionality proves each trusted tap transaction is valid on the specified equipment and at the exact location.

Once the inspector or service technician is authenticated into the system, they gain instant mobile online access to the component’s service request history, specifications, diagrams, photographs, troubleshooting guides, videos and maintenance records. The service technician can even connect directly with a live expert to help troubleshoot equipment problems.

Automated Decision’s integrated CMMS solution provides work order and inspection records management, an equipment intelligence database for planning and managing maintenance schedules and the inspector mobile app. Its user portal offers RAEL and building managers direct access to the building’s entire equipment inventory and inspection and service history, together with real-time compliance, trusted proof-of-presence, service and credential tracking and reporting.

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Cumberland Farms, a regional convenience store chain that operates roughly 600 retail stores and gas stations in New York, New England and Florida, was using a work order management (WOM) system that wasn’t designed for field service professionals.

There were many inefficiencies including no visibility into parts used from inventories leaving Cumberland with no idea of their total cost of equipment ownership, Their 35 staff service technicians were using multiple applications which lead to confusion at the head office about which technician was working on what and when.

Automated Decision Integrated our work order management (WOM) application to Cumberland’s existing WOM application to provide better management and technician tools.

Our software-enabled Cumberland to streamline their operation and take an equipment-centric approach to repair and maintenance.
In early 2014, The Wendy’s Co. facilities team made the decision to develop a 2015 budget for unit replacement by performing an evaluation on each HVAC rooftop unit at 3,000 company-owned locations. Automated Decision’s mobile software program provided Wendy’s with quantifiable measurement of the Remaining Useful Life and performance of each HVAC unit.

One of the critical components of this strategic initiative was demonstrating and verifying the energy savings of replacing existing equipment with more energy efficient equipment. It was important to effectively quantify any realized energy savings generated from the more efficient units.

How it worked: each technician recorded the measurement values in the field from a handheld tool. The program consisted of a non-invasive field process combined with smart analytics to calculate:

  • Unit performance based on actual cooling tonnage delivered and Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • Measured performance compared to OEM “like-new” performance
  • Remaining Useful Life: the number of years remaining before the equipment should be retired from service
Using these guidelines—Remaining Useful Life, equipment performance, and energy efficiency—enabled Wendy’s to make the business case to proactively replace the lower performing and inefficient units. Download Full Case Study
Fieldpiece Instruments is the leading HVAC/R instrument manufacturer that service technicians turn to for meters, air flows, manifolds, leak detectors, combustion, scales, A/C analysis and more.

Fieldpiece saw a need in the HVAC/R industry for mobile software applications that could integrate directly with their tools, which previously did not have the ability to communicate data that was being captured. As service technicians became more equipped with mobile smartphones/tablets, the desire to have a mobile interfacing application began to increase.

Automated Decision’s extensive background in the HVAC/R equipment based industry combined with software development expertise was the perfect fit for Fieldpiece Instruments. Automated Decision partnered with Fieldpiece Instruments to build JobLink®, a mobile software application for HVAC/R contractors that was not only an elegant mobile display for all the Fieldpiece diagnostic tools but also an app from which smaller HVAC/R pros could run their business and communicate with customers directly from the field.

Now more than 4000+ HVAC/R pro’s rely on JobLink to view their Fieldpiece tool values, troubleshoot problems and create beautiful customer facing reports with the click of a button.

Fieldpiece is headquartered in Anaheim, California, USA, and is represented throughout the world. Please see the Fieldpiece Distributors/Reps page to find out where you can purchase Fieldpiece Tools in your local area. For sales support please feel free to call Fieldpiece directly or contact the sales representative in your region.