A simple yet elegant way to assess the performance and remaining useful life (RUL) of your equipment.

Our Equipment Performance Measurement (EPM) tool will identify and prioritize those poor performers, allowing you to quickly determine the appropriate REPAIR or REPLACE actions items. Empower your in-house staff and/or third party contractors to easily document and baseline Energy Effi­ciency opportunities that you’re missing.

Benefits of EPM

  • Helps you know which way to go when considering repairing or replacing HVAC equipment.
  • Proactive Replacement Programs.
  • Manage labor and equipment costs through bids NOT emergencies.
  • Ensure you have time to order an exact equipment replacement.
  • OEM quantity discounting.
  • Tighter control of the project – minimize impacts on building.
  • Enhanced Preventative Maintenance
  • Programs.Customized maintenance tasks and schedules.
  • Adjust schedules based on equipment performance.
  • Reduce HVAC repair spending.
  • Actual efficiency & cooling capacity calculations.
  • Remaining useful life calculations.
  • Quick & non-invasive process.

Software Features

  • Operates on iOS, Android & PC’s.
  • Back-end administrative web page.
  • Customizable portfolio-level reports.
  • Photos.
  • Job notes.
  • Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Equipment inventory.
  • Site and unit data collection.
  • OEM performance details.
  • OEM catalog details.

EPM Process

  • Get trained and EPM Certified by Automated Decision.
  • Download the EPM application from iTunes or Google Play store.
  • Arrive on Jobsite and launch EPM.
  • Locate the equipment on site and EPM will guide you through:
    1. Detailed visual survey.
    2. Pictures.
    3. Measurements.
    4. Voltages, Amperages, and Temperatures.
    5. EPM Report Review.
    6. Email the EPM Report to the office, Job Complete!

    Automated Decision

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