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ConnectAD Drives 37% Operational Efficiency Gain!

“The ConnectAD platform integrates to the work order systems our clients are using and handles all our operational workflows for how we deliver our field services. Our subcontractors have their own portals to manage work, invoices, and compliance. Our clients also have a window into our world with their own portals to initiate service requests. The entire platform is easy to use and intuitive for our subs and clients. As a result of this transformation, we’re now a data driven company.” President, National Facility Maintenance Company.

Over the years, our customers have relied on outdated technology to connect their facilities staff to maintenance and service requests. However, these solutions were limited in functionality, mostly utilized for entering facilities service tickets and tracking their progress. The rigidity and lack of automation in legacy Facility Management Solutions (FMS) hindered companies from effectively managing the growing volume of facilities requests across their organizations. As companies have embraced modernization, their asset functionality and management strategies have evolved as well.

In line with this trend, companies are now heavily investing in smart technologies and internet-of-things (IoT) devices to enhance operational efficiencies and deliver personalized occupant experiences across their multiple locations. Alongside these advancements, companies are actively seeking an FMS that can seamlessly adapt to their ever-changing maintenance and repair needs. This includes driving facility and worker health and efficiency while also identifying areas for cost savings within their organizations. ConnectAD effectively addresses these demands, providing a comprehensive solution that propels our national facility maintenance company into the era of data-driven excellence.

The ConnectAD Platform is a facility maintenance solution that streamlines work-order and subcontractor management, automates scheduled maintenance tasks, and integrates to all leading third party client work order systems and accounting software eliminating the need to “chair swivel” between systems. It also allows subcontractors to manage work orders, compliance documents and create invoices efficiently from one centralized location.


In many cases, Facility Maintenance (FM) professionals find themselves reliant on various isolated solutions that offer limited functionality. This dependence often leads to inefficient manual practices when handling work orders, tracking invoices, assessing work quality, and reporting operational costs. Consequently, FM companies face challenges in coping with the high volume of work order requests each year, hindering their ability to proactively invest in maintenance and repair techniques and identify operational efficiencies.

However, with the implementation of the ConnectAD Platform, FM companies experience a transformative shift. They can leverage the platform’s robust functionality to embrace automated workflows, seamless integration between different client-driven work order systems, improved communication among all stakeholders, streamlined invoicing processes, and the expansion of their solutions and services to new locations without the need to enlarge their facilities teams. This strategic investment empowers FM professionals to optimize their operations, enhance service delivery, and achieve greater success in their business endeavors.


  • ConnectAD’s web-based applications empower back office teams to streamline the process of creating, dispatching, and documenting work orders efficiently, all without the burden of dealing with siloed systems. This streamlined approach enables back office teams to save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on duplicative processes, copy and pasting, and chair swiveling between systems allowing them to shift their focus towards more critical business tasks. As a result, ConnectAD increases the efficiency of your back office team by an impressive 37%! Which means one team member can complete and invoice roughly $70k more in on-demand / repair work per year.

    Assumes: One on-demand / repair based work order cost the building owner roughly $450.00.


  • The platform enables companies to quickly adapt to accommodate unique workflows for both the back office and the field. Its user-friendly configurations and customizable applications allow the platform to align with how your services are delivered, rather than forcing you to conform to a rigid system. This agility empowers companies like yours to respond promptly to your clients’ evolving needs and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.
  • Improved subcontractor retention and quality of work. By implementing a robust work order and subcontractor management platform, companies create a positive and conducive environment to utilize technologies to report out on field services, fostering a strong partnership and promoting the delivery of high-quality field services.
  • ConnectAD provides advanced reporting capabilities, delivering comprehensive insights into data for both back office team members and the C-suite. This access to detailed information empowers the individual team member to make well-informed decisions when approaching costs, budgets, margins, and enhances the accuracy of capital planning. With ConnectAD’s robust reporting, key stakeholders can optimize resource allocation and drive strategic improvements across the organization.


  • Each application within the ConnectAD platform is ‘a la carte’, configurable, and customizable offering individual SaaS based pricing
  • It’s important to dedicate the necessary team members to any new software platform to ensure its company wide success. Most companies allocate an internal product champion or owner which also provides one point of contact to the software company and/or software developers.


Requirements gathering is an integral part of the software development process. Just like building plans for a new house, software development is no different. We provide years of experience to ensure your business objectives and goals are aligned with the product we build

1. Design & Content: The user experience and user interface (UX/UI) are just as important as ensuring the software application works! We match the look and feel of the application to the market it serves. We’ll bring your ideas to life with wireframes and prototypes prior to developing to ensure we’re all on the same page.

2. Software Development: Our software development process follows our core competencies; Don’t develop for months and months to release a product. Create small wins and implement continuous (bi-weekly) software deployments. Welcome changes to the requirements, even in late development. Close, daily cooperation between business people and developers. Working software is the primary measure of progress. Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design. Ensure complex things are simple

3. Quality Assurance: The goal of QA is to find all the weak points in the software before it’s released to the market. QA takes time and follows a rigorous testing procedure to ensure the software meets the specifications and designs, works on all operating systems (mobile & desktop), and the system will scale flawlessly with high demand usage.

4. Deployment: Code reviews and software deployment are coordinated efforts between many internal teams prior to a release to market. In some cases, app store submissions are required and in other cases only a simple over the air (OTA) update is necessary

5. Release To Market: The software release to market is a coordinated effort between you and our software development team. In some cases the timing of the software release is extremely important to ensure demand is at a minimum or marketing efforts are aligned.