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Choosing a Subcontractor Management Platform: 8 Must-Haves to Look for in a Subcontractor Work Order Management Platform

Selecting a work order management platform that can be used for your subcontractor network can be challenging, with an endless maze of potential systems, options and configurations to choose from. You know you need a platform that helps your operational team increase productivity, lowers your administrative costs and delivers positive customer experiences. And—possibly most importantly—it needs to be intuitive for your in-house team and subcontractors and easy to implement. You want an “off-the-shelf” solution that adapts to your business needs and not the other way around.

But to achieve these goals, which features are actually mission-critical and which ones are just nice to have? Automated Decision has worked with facilities teams, building owners and subcontractors for years to determine exactly what makes a work order management platform stand out.

These are the eight must-haves that should be top of mind as you consider various solutions.

Streamlined subcontractor management

Efficient management and communication capabilities are essential. You need to know where your subcontractors are, what they’re working on and when they complete their assigned work orders.

“We’ve perfected the tools for your subcontractors and field workforce, making it easy for them to work with your team and capture field-level reporting,” says Automation Decision CEO Brian Kohler.

Integration with other software applications

Achieve a seamless workflow by integrating with your client-driven work order management and CMMS systems, like Service Channel, Corrigo, ServiceNow, Maximo, FM Pilot and more.

“We also run other integrations to ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics GP and QuickBooks, as well as tax software like Avalara—eliminating the need for the back office staff to ‘swivel chairs,’” Kohler says.

Offline mobile application

As your subcontractors and field workforce are frequently on the move and in areas with no reception, the app needs to work without issues so work status can be captured and reported. Furthermore, a modern design and world-class user experience eliminate frustrations and the need for software training.

Scalable for large volume

Look for a solution that can scale to align with your work order volume. Whether you’re managing projects for a handful of local locations or hundreds of sites across the country, your work order management platform should be able to handle all of your subcontractor and in-house personnel assignments and be able to grow with your needs.

Invoicing and payments

Allow your subcontractors to submit invoices from their web portal for your back office to approve or decline and send payments electronically.

“Our applications not only eliminate data collection frustrations from the field; they also reduce the need to constantly track down invoices from your subcontractors,” Kohler says.

Reporting and analytics

Get detailed reporting data and analytics on work order status and subcontractor performance to drive your decision-making with this essential feature. The ConnectAD Platform offers day-to-day operational reports, including customizable and configurable client reports as well as internal operational reports to help you manage your operations and teams, with customizable metrics to satisfy each business unit throughout your organization.

Real-time updates

Real-time visibility into the status of work orders means everyone is always on the same page. It allows subcontractors and main contractors to stay informed of progress on a job and make adjustments as needed.

Security and reliability

Keep sensitive information confidential and ensure your work and invoices are securely managed. Our track record speaks for itself—a proven 99.98% uptime record for years. To ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability, The ConnectAD Platform provides redundant data protection and the most advanced facilities protection available, along with a complete data recovery plan.

Discover your next work order management platform

The ConnectAD Platform was built for service companies that manage both a network of subcontractors and in-house field personnel on a national and regional basis.

“Subcontractor management is where our platform shines,” Kohler says. “Whether you’re a facility management company, a servicing company, or a repair and maintenance company, if at least 20% of your work is running through your subcontractor network, then our platform will reduce your administrative spend and increase the speed at which you invoice.”

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