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The ConnectAD Platform is a work order management system for the subcontractor managed space. An ‘A-la-carte’ application approach allows our “off-the-shelf” platform to adapt to your business needs, not the other way around. We’ve perfected the tools for your Subcontractors because owning the ‘mans’ hand, allows everything else upstream to move faster

We are DATA-DRIVEN with fully managed data services.

Automated Decision is:



The Connected Platform is a highly configurable subcontractor & vendor management platform which seamlessly integrates our best-in-class products along with your 3rd party systems. Integrated and configurable “off-the-shelf” supported products is a trusted and future-proof technology approach. It provides flexibility for each application to be customized, configured, and scaled independently from one another reducing development time and costs.

We are DATA-DRIVEN with fully managed data services.



We know Facilities, We know Salesforce, We deliver Best-In-Class Solutions,

Build a ConnectAD experience faster. We use the best-in-class connectors to jumpstart your Salesforce WOM engine.
ConnectedAD Middleware
Build connected experiences faster. We use the best-in-class connectors to jumpstart your Salesforce field service application, ERP solutions (Oracle, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and more), plus 3rd party work order management applications.
Backoffice Work Order Engine
Our most popular backoffice WOM option is our heavily modified Salesforce Lightning application. Not ready to make the switch from your existing WOM system? No problem, we’ll connect your legacy system directly to our ConnectAD™ platform
Our fully supported and documented API’s (application programing interfaces) connects our Subcontractor and Client tools directly to your backoffice WOM engine, regardless if it’s Salesforce or your existing system.
Field Tech Connect Mobile
The only mobile application you’ll need to manage your subcontractors, validate proof of presence, and proof of field services all in real-time.

Client Portal
The web-based application allows your clients to check in on the work in real-time, view dashboards, run reports, and approve invoices. It’s their virtual property management tool!
Subcontractor Portal
A web-based application for your subcontractors to self-manage their company compliance, work orders, run reports, view their field captured activities, and create proposals and invoices.
Client Work Order Systems
Work order systems used by clients that drive the work you perform is an important part of your service delivery process. Our Connected Middleware integrates the ConnectAD™ platform directly to 3rd party systems increasing administrative efficiency, improving customer communication and client facing KPI’s.
Accounting Software
Our Connected Middleware integrates the ConnectAD™ platform directly to leading accounting software applications, increasing the speed of sending out client invoices, improving cash flow, and accurate financial projections

We make it easier than ever to CONNECT everyone together!



Future-proofed integrations.
The best subcontractor and vendor management platform with modern architectures with scale to precisely meet your demand.
Quickly exchange data between your applications to increase the productivity and efficiency of your back office and field operations.
Utilize our modern business platform powered by Salesforce.
Rich ecosystem of pre-integrated extensions and services to your 3rd party systems.
Connect your existing applications into a synchronized data platform for efficient business operations.
Connect your platform to modern apps to share data and optimize your business.

Backoffice Tools:


Built on Salesforce, our Work Order Management (WOM) engine is fully configurable to your service delivery needs. An ‘a-la-carte’ suite of solutions adapt to your business, not the other way around. The platform includes our pre-configured Salesforce CRM making it effortless to monitor and track all your Client and Subcontractor leads.

If you already have a WOM system, we got you covered, we can connect our Subcontractor and Client facing applications directly to your system!
CRM / Customer Relationship Management is what Salesforce does best. Manage all your leads and opportunities (Customer & Subcontractor) on one single platform.
Company Settings / Manage your company settings to brand your Client and Subcontractor experiences.
Account Settings / Account settings of the logged in user. First name, last name, phone, email, username, password, password reset, site preference, and role.
Dashboards & Reports / We’ve built standard C-level dashboards and reports to help you make quick decisions based on real-time data. Our configurable reports build informative metrics allowing you to manage site-level exceptions.
Client and Sites / Manage all your clients and sites within a single page view, drill down functionality and hover overs.
Work Orders & Service Appointments / Create and manage your work regardless of the trade and services within the platform engine. Scheduled (reoccurring) work. Our service agreements automate the work order creation and dispatching to service providers so you can spend time managing exceptions. On-demand (break-fix) work. Quickly create and dispatch on-demand work orders within seconds.
Proposals / Create and manage proposals directly from the platform engine and submit them to your clients or review proposals submitted directly from your Subcontractors.
Bills / Approve, Decline and manage all your Subcontractor invoices as bills on the platform engine. Communicate directly with your Subcontractors without leaving a bill screen.
Managing subcontracted work in today’s digital world can be challenging. Our WOM Engine helps your operational team increase productivity, lowers your administrative costs, and achieves more positive customer experiences.
Our Middleware builds connections faster than any other cloud platform in the industry. We use the best-in-class connectors to move data efficiently between 3rd party applications.
Salesforce Integration / Our Salesforce integration leverages high-availability computing infrastructure to perform custom actions in real-time so there is never any lag on our Connected applications.
Integrations to Client driven WOM systems;
  • Service Channel
  • ServiceNow
  • SMS Assist
  • Fexa
  • We’re adding new integrations every month!
Integrations to accounting systems;
  • QuickBooks online
  • Microsoft Great Plains
  • Sage
Connected Middleware scales in an instant, both vertically and horizontally.
Simple horizontal and vertical scalability. The Connected Middleware runs some high traffic, our applications easily scale with no downtime.
Built for continuous integration and delivery / We use the most popular CI systems and servers for consistent and automated application delivery.


Subcontractor Tools:


Invite Subcontractors to your platform to self-manage their work, submit invoices and proposals, download reports, and communicate directly with your team.
The ConnectAD Subcontractor Portal (CSP) and FieldTech Connect (FTC) Mobile are easy to use software applications for your Subs to capture their field services, proof of presence, proof of service and invoice all in real-time. Our applications eliminate the data collection frustrations from the field and reduce the need to constantly track down your Subs invoices.
The only mobile application your Subs will need to manage their work orders; capture field services, proof of presence, proof of service, and communicate directly with your team.

Offline mode / FTC was designed from the ground up to be a fully offline application. No internet service no problem, your subcontractors can use the application to capture their field services without interruption.
Work order lists / All work orders are displayed in a list format in order of proximity to the location. Users can filter and sort work orders based on a variety of work order attributes. Simplistic navigation, easy to read content, and intuitive app behavior are just a few things baked into the user experience.
Work order details / Work order fields such as work order numbers, trade types, services, start and expiration dates, to name a few are displayed for each work order. The work order details provide the user with the ‘Where, when, and what’ information they need for each work order.
Work order actions / Various actions can be performed by the subcontractor in the application such as GPS check in & check out for time and attendance, Capture travel time to locations, Cancel work orders, Navigation to locations, View important site level attachments, and record field activity in configurable service forms.
Field service forms / Dynamic mobile forms can be driven based on the work order type, trade or service. Field service forms also contain gated logic based on your business policies to better guide the subcontractor through the experience. Configurable containers include checklists, drop downs, pickers, text fields, lists, photos, and signature fields just to name a few.
Asset tracking and tagging / Create, edit and manage asset inventories, asset attributes, asset tags and specific field maintenance forms.
Continuous support / We ensure the FTC application is continuously supported across all iOS and Android operating systems with minimum versioning. The FTC application and API’s services are guaranteed to have a 99.999% uptime. Simply put, our application is tried and true!
Inviting and Onboarding / A wizard for each of your new Subs to onboard themselves to your network, completing fields such as; Company information, company contacts, service trades, service territories, service rates, W9’s, COI’s, etc.
Company Settings / Company settings page that displays the subcontractors company details (company name, address, phone, and email), company logo, company profile settings (manage COI’s, Service areas, W9’s, etc) and % compliance, list of FTC mobile users, ability to invite/manage FTC user details.
Account Settings / Account settings of the logged in user. First name, last name, phone, email, username, password, password reset, site preference, role, and profile image.
Dashboard / A simple dashboard that shows informative metrics to manage exceptions; profile compliance, work orders status’, time on site by trade, number of sites, etc.
Sites / Client sites that are assigned to the subcontractor, displayed on a map (and list view) and organized by client. Ability to navigate the map, change map views, select a site, drill down into the work order history and details. View FTC field captured data in real-time.
Workorders / A list of work orders assigned to the subcontractor that display all work order attributes. Ability to select work orders, view work order history, photos, notes and details. Ability to sort/filter work orders and download into different file formats.
Proposals / Ability for subcontractors to create, submit and manage proposals for work that is out of scope.
Invoices / Subcontractors can quickly convert completed work orders into detailed invoices and submit for approval.
Managed Integrations / 3rd party data connections to systems such as Service Channel and QuickBooks.

Client Tools:


Invite clients to your platform so they can interact with your data and team like never before, eliminating unnecessary support calls, confusion on work status, and unnecessary administrative reporting tasks.

The ConnectAD Client Portal is a web-based application that’s optimized for mobile allowing your clients to interact with your data when they need it!
Client Company Settings / Company settings page that displays the client company details (company name, address, phone, and email), company logo, and company profile settings.
Account Settings / Account settings of the logged in user. First name, last name, phone, email, username, password, password reset, site preference, role, and profile image.
Dashboard / Dashboard and reporting tools to quickly view the status of all work orders filtered by dates/times, sites, trades, states, and services.
Sites / A list of all the client specific sites displayed in both map and list views. Simplistic drill down capabilities from a map or list views, to access work order details and field captured activities.
Work Orders / A list of client specific work orders and work order attributes. Easy sorting, searching and filtering navigation to find and view work order history and details. Real-time displays when subcontractors are on-site working.
Proposals / Clients can review, edit, approve &/or reject proposals submitted by your team directly from Salesforce.
Managed Integrations / 3rd party data connections to systems such as Service Channel and QuickBooks.
Mobile Experience / The client portal is mobile optimized providing an enhanced user experience for when your clients are on the go


Platform Integrations

Our software seamlessly integrates with all leading work order management platforms and third-party systems.