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The ConnectAD Platform is a work order management system for the subcontractor managed space. An ‘A-la-carte’ application approach allows our “off-the-shelf” platform to adapt to your business needs, not the other way around. We’ve perfected the tools for your Subcontractors because owning the ‘mans’ hand, allows everything else upstream to move faster

Backoffice Tools:


Built on Salesforce, our Work Order Management (WOM) engine is fully configurable to your service delivery needs. An ‘a-la-carte’ suite of solutions adapt to your business, not the other way around. The platform includes our pre-configured Salesforce CRM making it effortless to monitor and track all your Client and Subcontractor leads.

If you already have a WOM system, we got you covered, we can connect our Subcontractor and Client facing applications directly to your system!
CRM / Customer Relationship Management is what Salesforce does best. Manage all your leads and opportunities (Customer & Subcontractor) on one single platform.
Company Settings / Manage your company settings to brand your Client and Subcontractor experiences.
Account Settings / Account settings of the logged in user. First name, last name, phone, email, username, password, password reset, site preference, and role.
Dashboards & Reports / We’ve built standard C-level dashboards and reports to help you make quick decisions based on real-time data. Our configurable reports build informative metrics allowing you to manage site-level exceptions.
Client and Sites / Manage all your clients and sites within a single page view, drill down functionality and hover overs.
Work Orders & Service Appointments / Create and manage your work regardless of the trade and services within the platform engine. Scheduled (reoccurring) work. Our service agreements automate the work order creation and dispatching to service providers so you can spend time managing exceptions. On-demand (break-fix) work. Quickly create and dispatch on-demand work orders within seconds.
Proposals / Create and manage proposals directly from the platform engine and submit them to your clients or review proposals submitted directly from your Subcontractors.
Bills / Approve, Decline and manage all your Subcontractor invoices as bills on the platform engine. Communicate directly with your Subcontractors without leaving a bill screen.
Managing subcontracted work in today’s digital world can be challenging. Our WOM Engine helps your operational team increase productivity, lowers your administrative costs, and achieves more positive customer experiences.
Our Middleware builds connections faster than any other cloud platform in the industry. We use the best-in-class connectors to move data efficiently between 3rd party applications.
Salesforce Integration / Our Salesforce integration leverages high-availability computing infrastructure to perform custom actions in real-time so there is never any lag on our Connected applications.
Integrations to Client driven WOM systems;
  • Service Channel
  • ServiceNow
  • SMS Assist
  • Fexa
  • We’re adding new integrations every month!
Integrations to accounting systems;
  • QuickBooks online
  • Microsoft Great Plains
  • Sage
Connected Middleware scales in an instant, both vertically and horizontally.
Simple horizontal and vertical scalability. The Connected Middleware runs some high traffic, our applications easily scale with no downtime.
Built for continuous integration and delivery / We use the most popular CI systems and servers for consistent and automated application delivery.